Spring Is Here

I’ve officially been in South Korea over 2 months now and the kids have mid-terms today.  This means that 1/4 of my teaching for this year is already over!  I can’t believe that and I sound like a broken record but time really does fly. The weather is starting to get nicer and we are … More Spring Is Here

Staying Active

One of the most difficult things when moving to a completely new place is trying to get back into a normal routine.  Anyone that knows me is very aware of the fact that I always need to be doing something active- so much that I can’t even facetime people without constantly moving my hands and … More Staying Active

Weekend of Festivals

This past weekend was spent enjoying the southeastern part of the country while experiencing 2 very different festivals.  This was a weekend I had been looking forward to since we planned it about a month ago.  In addition to having a great time, we learned some very valuable lessons. About a month ago, 17 of … More Weekend of Festivals


For those of you who just happened to come across this blog and have no idea who I am, let me introduce myself.  Growing up, I was always interested in 2 things: sports and travel.  During college,… Source: About

Officially an Alien

I titled this “Officially an Alien” because legally that is what a foreigner is, but also the little 1st graders in the school look at me like I’m an alien.  When they see me, they stop with their jaw dropped with a deer in headlights expression.  It’s so funny and adorable at the same time. … More Officially an Alien

IT’S Daejeon

After being in orientation for over a week, it was finally time for us to be released into the wild.  Daejeon, the city that I’m in does a really good job with their new teachers.  A bus took us from the orientation site to Daejeon, where our co-teachers were waiting for us.  Since I am … More IT’S Daejeon